The Tim Tam Champ

This was my first cookie tin amp. It is an accurate clone of a Fender 5F1 Champ which was the circuit from 1956 until 1964 in the narrow panel tweed Champs.
The tin was a limited release pack of the iconic Australian biscuit, Anott's Tim Tams. It isn't a very big tin but was just big enough to house something small like a Fender Champ.
The output transformer I used has two output taps so, unlike the original, it has an 8 ohm speaker output as well as the original 4 ohm. I located a small toggle switch on the back to select the impedance.
I have since added two more switches. One is located on the top just behind the preamp valve and changes the heater voltage of the preamp tube so I can run tubes with 6V heaters, like 6N2P.
The second switch is on the back and halves the amount of negative feedback. Quite a wild ride with half the NFB. It breaks up quite nicely.

The tube compliment is:
6V6 (JJ in the picture but I am now running a British Brimar)
12AX7 (British Mullard)
5Y3GT (American RCA)
Transformers are Classic Tone by Magnetic Components in Chicago
F&T power filter capacitors
Sprague Orange Drop and Atom capacitors.

Single ended class A
Output power: 5W RMS

This one is not for sale. It sounds great and I learnt a lot building it but the way it is built is not something I would sell on. It's staying in my collection..

tim tam champ



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