Assorted Bits 'n Pieces

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kde tux swats winblows

KDE Swats Winblows Wallpaper




KDE Swats Winblows KDM (KDE3)

Tux Defends Carmen

Tux Defends Carmen Wallpaper
Tux Defends Carmen Electra From the Evil Butterfly



Tux Defends Carmen Ksplash (my first ksplash)




Gothic Compiz

Emerald Theme - Gothic
uses this font

merals gothic red

Emerald Theme - Gothic Red
uses this font

Kanotix Emerald

Emerald Theme - Kanotix


mint emerald theme

Mint Emerald Theme

plasma red on black

Red On Black Plasma Theme (KDE4)
apt-get install cathbard-plasma-red-on-black