Kanotix.com - Debian Etch enhanced and made easy. One of the best live disks out there.
Dripping with convenient scripts written by resident wizard, Kano. This makes it easy for beginners to install and run debian while still offerring lots to the hardened geek.

  Linuxmint.com - Ubuntu based GNU/Linux based distro with extras.
Primarily a gnome based distro but also available in KDE, XFCE and Fluxbox flavours.
Particularly suitable for the beginner. Providing the most complete "out of the box" experience available including things like codecs, DVD playback , Java, Flash and many other goodies.
  Debian.org - the source. One distro to rule them all
A great distro in it's own right and the base for many, many others. A staggering repository of open source software that has no equal, and a social contract that we could all learn from.
linux lessons
  Linux Lessons from beginner to advanced. From the home of the linux kernel.
If only I had found and done these lessons when I first started. These will save you from asking a lot of embarrassing questions.
  Ardour - Linux Analog Multi-track Recording. Check it out. And it's installable via apt-get on debian.  

MusE - Linux Multitrack MIDI sequencer and analog recording studio.
A system that will feel comfortable to Cubase users. Extremely powerful and completely free. Also in the debian repo for simple apt-get installation.

  Tiamat's Child - An old band of mine at last.fm  
user friendly
  Illiad's latest User Friendly cartoon  
money as debt
  Excellent documentary on how the monetary system actually works. If you use money you should watch this video. The link on the left takes you to the google video. The official website where you can buy the actual DVD can be found here.
D5 Sysex
  Roland D5 synthesizer - system exclusive dump of factory preset patches.
  De Sade  

Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man - The Marquis De Sade
One of the things offered by the church as evidence of his insanity. Ironically, using it as evidence shows the insanity of the church.

  Roland GP-8 guitar effects - system exclusive dump of factory preset patches.
  HP35 Calculator emulation written by Neil Fraser