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apt-get commands need my repo enabled


kanotix excalibur night

Kanotix Excalibur Night (1600x1280)

Excalibur Afternoon

Kanotix Excalibur Afternoon (1600x1280)

apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-kanotix-excalibur-lcd
(installs both night and afternoon)




kanotix excalibur night wide


Kanotix Excalibur Night wide (2560x1600)


Excalibur Afternoon Wide


Kanotix Excalibur Afternoon wide (2560x1600)

apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-kanotix-excalibur-wide
(installs both night and afternoon)

Kanotix Penguins

Kanotix Penguins (top/right)

Kanotix64 Penguins

Kanotix64 Penguins (top/right)

Kanotix Penguins (wide screen)

Kanotix64 Penguins (wide screen)

Kanotix Penguins Mk2

Kanotix Penguins - Eye In the Sky

Kanotix Debianpool

tux druid

Kanotix Tux Druid