Assorted Bits 'n Pieces

Click on any picture to download the item
or use the apt-get command if my repo is enabled

cd label thorhammer

Kanotix CD Label

  cd label thorhammer rc

Kanotix rc CD Label

cd case front

Kanotix CD Jewel Case Front



cd case back



Kanotix64 CD Jewel Case Front

Cathbard Kanotix

Cathbard Kanotix Icon Set

cathbard kanotix icon sample

apt-get install cathbard-icons-kanotix


Emerald Theme - Kanotix


Emerald Theme - Gothic
uses this font


XMMS skin
apt-get install cathbard-xmms-kanotix-penguins



Audacious skin
apt-get install cathbard-audacious-kanotix-penguins


kanotix amarok

Kanotix Penguins Amarok skin
apt-get install cathbard-amarok-kanotix-penguins

new kanotix logo

Kanotix Logo
(click to get big version)



Tshirt Logo (back)
(click to get big version)


Tshirt Logo (front)



Tshirt Logo (front)