The Jack Daniels Marshall

This is a faithful clone of the normal channel of the classic 18W Marshall (model 1974) from 1965. I decided not to include the tremelo channel because it was extra complexity for an effect that is used so infrequently that it couldn't be justified. The only change to the circuit apart from the removal of the tremelo channel was a little extra capacitance in the power supply filter, a design flaw that sorely needed correcting.
It is a point to point turret board construction using a fibreglass board I made myself by hand.

The Jack Daniels tin was made in Mansfield, Britain at an unknown time in the past. It certainly isn't new and was in just the right condition to suit the part.
Thanks to a lesson learned building the Tim Tam Champ I reinforced the top, front and back with 2mm aluminium. The sides where the handles are is reinforced with 3mm aluminium.
It has gold plated tube collars on all but the two with the black shields. The handles are brass as is the Cathbard nameplate. I was quite pleased with the cyber-punk vibe they gave it. There's gold on the tin itself as well so it all came together quite well I think.

This little thing screams. Surprisingly loud for an 18W amp and when cranked produces those raw overdriven tones that the original is so famous for. Many consider the 18W Marshall to be one of the greatest blues amps ever made and I'm one.

The tube compliment is:
2 X EL84 (JJ )
2 X 12AX7 (Amperex and Miniwatt)
EZ81 (Belgian Adzam)
Transformers are Classic Tone by Magnetic Components in Chicago
F&T power filter capacitors
Mallory signal capacitors
Sprague Atom cathode capacitors.

Class AB
Power: 18W RMS
Weight 5.2 kg (11.5 lb)

The rust on the power transformer is just two spots on the bell cover. It is in fact an unused transformer prior to this. It had been sitting on my shelf for quite a while. The rust adds mojo. I decided not to clean it off and patch it up because, well, it looked cool..
It is wired up for 240V operation but I can change that to 120V if required.

Price: Au$650 plus postage and handling


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jack daniels marshall innards

jack daniels marshall innards




Jack Daniels and Marshall are registered trademarks of their respective companies and have no connection with this amp in any way other than I explain above.