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Debian Predators

Debian Predators




debian predators wide


Debian Predators Wide

ouranos sky

Debian Ouranos Sky (1600x1280)
apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-debian-ouranos-sky-lcd

ouranos sky kdmOranos sky ksplash

Debian Ouranos Sky - KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-ouranos-sky-lcd

(complete theme)

apt-get install cathbard-ktheme-debian-ouranos-sky-lcd



ouranos sky wide


Debian Ouranos Sky (2560x1600)
apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-debian-ouranos-sky-lcd

oranos sky wide kdmouranos sky wide ksplash

Debian Ouranos Sky Wide- KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-ouranos-sky-wide

(complete theme)

apt-get install cathbard-ktheme-debian-ouranos-sky-wide

erebos field

Debian Erebos Field (1280x1024)
apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-debian-erebos-field-lcd

erebos field kdmerebos field ksplash

Debian Erebos Field- KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-ouranos-sky-lcd




erebos field wide


Debian Erebos Field Widescreen (1440x900)
apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-debian-erebos-field-wide

erebos field wide kdmerebos field wide ksplash

Debian Erebos Field- KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-ouranos-sky-wide

debian eros wings

Debian Eros Wings
eros wings kdmeros wings ksplash

Debian Eros Wings - KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-eros-wings
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-eros-wings-wide



eros girl

Debian Eros Girl

eros girl kdmeros girl ksplash

Debian Eros Girl - KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-eros-girl
pt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-eros-girl-wide

martian night

Debian Martian Night

martian night kdmmartian night ksplash

Debian Martian Night - KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-martian-night
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-eros-wings-wide


debian sunrise

Debian Sunrise

debian sunrise kdmdebian sunrise ksplash

Debian Sunrise - KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-sunrise
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-sunrise-wide

debian juggling

Debian Juggling

debian juggling kdmdebian juggling ksplash

Debian Juggling - KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-juggling
apt-get install cathbard-kde-debian-juggling-wide


debian galaxies

Debian Galaxies
apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-debian-galaxies-lcd

debian galaxies kdmdebian galaxies ksplash

kdm & ksplash - KDE4
apt-get install cathbard-kde4-debian-galaxies

KDE4 packages also works in widescreen and CRT ratios

Widescreen and CRT wallpapers
apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-debian-galaxies-wide
apt-get install cathbard-wallpaper-debian-galaxies-crt

chillis on titan

Chillis On Titan

Widescreen and CRT versions

dusty sun over mars

Dusty sun Over Mars

debian icons kde4

Icons- KDE4
apt-get install cathbard-icons-debian-kde4

Cathbard Debian Icons

Icons- KDE3
apt-get install cathbard-icons-debian


plasma debian red

Debian Red Plasma Theme (KDE4)
apt-get install cathbard-plasma-debian-red



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