Amplifier Art


I have returned to an old passion; electronics and particularly guitar amps. I am a qualified technician by trade but I now only apply it to my musical interests.
I didn't want to just make something like every other amp out there and there's no point trying to compete with the big boys, I wanted my creations to be art in itself, not just an amp. I decided to build classic tube amp circuits into something other than a normal cabinet. I started looking around for things I could use as a chassis and spotted the TIm Tam tin while grocery shopping one day.

That has led me down this path. What was born was the cookie tin amp. The perfect companion to the cigar box guitar.
It is substantially more difficult to build an amp in a cookie tin than in a conventional chassis but I think the results are worth the effort.

The aim is to make them available to the public as I build them. This is art you can use. Authentic vintage tones in a form that is bound to turn some heads and start some conversations even amongst non-guitarists.

Please note that none of my amps are available to Germany. German customs laws are far too prohibitive.

So without further ado, here's what I have made so far. (click on image to get more details)


The one that started it all - The Tim Tam Champ:


tim tam champ

Not for sale




The Jack Daniels Marshall :
S/N 011211


jd marshall2

Au$700 plus postage



The Jack Daniels Marshall :
S/N 010911


jd marshall2




The Jack Daniels Marshall
S/N 010711 :


jack daniels marshall 4000



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